.A sustainable alternative to the fashion industry, which was born in the Canary Islands.

MIA was born from the fusion of the love of sustainability and craftsmanship and for the identification of a latent personal and collective need for the existence of ventures that are more conscious and respectful of their environment.

At first, the initial objective of its founder, María Azcárate, was not to create a company or start a business, she did not have any of that in mind, what she saw clearly was her passion for design and how to be able to communicate her ideas, dreams and visions through the creation of their garments.

The fact of creating a business arose from identifying an opportunity to share with the outside world a new reality, where fashion and clothing were not synonymous with destroying and exploiting our environment, but on the contrary , they were seen as an instrument to care for, regenerate and enhance the planet, together with the economies and societies that interact with it.

The creation of MIA was a tool that allows us to give visibility to all this that the designer wanted to convey and thanks to which today all of us who are involved in her projects can dream of a more hopeful future in the Canary Islands.

.MIA from sustainability to regeneration

MINE It began as a Sustainable Fashion brand with the aim of responding to one of the most basic needs of human beings, clothing. Using fashion as a tool to promote a healthy lifestyle consistent with the environment, in order to facilitate a transition towards sustainability in what is currently the second most polluting industry in the world.

“We are cultural designers and artisans, this is our main distinctive feature as a company, we design clothing at the same time as we design a better world and we do it with the greatest possible care and affection that can be given to a garment and to all those involved in its creation. creation.

The garments and experiences we offer combine this traditional wisdom with the modern technologies and processes necessary so that we can generate a new, more sustainable, efficient and scalable work system, in the future, we hope, not too distant within the fashion industry. With the idea that it is replicable in many other industries.”


Since its inception and in part thanks to the participation and work carried out in parallel with a regenerative agricultural enterprise, the concept of sustainability as it was beginning to be used and generalized in the market fell short for the brand.


“The reality is that Sustainable came up short for us a long time ago and we have been integrating the concept of regeneration into our designs and processes in recent years. Here we have taken a great leap, since we have gone from simply wanting to mitigate the negative impact of our activity, to wanting to enrich the planet, giving it back everything it has given us and more.”

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