MIA Regenerative Fashion
At MIA we are aware of the entire life cycle of our garments, this not only includes their design, production and sale, but also their subsequent care and final destination.
We are aware that our responsibility does not end with the sale of the product, but rather in providing our customers with solutions for its care, maintenance or disposal.
Nowadays, the scraps/waste of fabrics, threads and wool generated in our production go directly to the compost. Where after several months they will once again be part of the earth, nourishing it, allowing us to close productive cycles, avoiding generating waste and thus transforming it into future food.
In the future, we want to be able, if over time you would like to repair or get rid of the garment, offer the option of giving it to us for possible repair and/or disposing of it in the garden compost. Thus extending the life of the garment or transforming it into a new resource.

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