My designer Hi, I'm Mia! The designer and founder, who has taken her first steps here, on the island of Tenerife. I studied fashion design in Madrid, since my degree I already specialized, self-taught, in sustainability within the world of fashion.
I did my internship with an expert designer on this topic and worked alongside her for a while.

The way to express my feelings, concerns, passions and goals is through clothing, that is why I created this sustainable collection, because I blindly share that fashion today should be that way by nature and not because it is a trend or a possible value. company addition.

I highlight the importance of the values ​​of transparency and coherence in the work I do every day, since it is important to know well and know if what you consume is real and what decision you are making each time you do it.
MIA Showroom
Under the slogan “dress fair”, we emphasize the importance of responsible and conscious consumption, in which every decision counts. Also, thanks to the wool workshops we encourage interest in doing whatever you want with your hands, with your body, since much of this work is being lost. For this reason, we work every day in a delicate way, designing each garment, patterning it, cutting it and sewing it ourselves. We make everything by hand with great love and telling a story that goes beyond the garment itself.

Today we prepare timeless collections, where the garments are part of your daily life, with a minimal and delicate design, but using the pattern as a strong and subtle point.
MIA working
We fight against consumerism, fast-fashion, the lifestyle that doesn't even let you breathe, the poor management of resources, the abuse we generate in other countries, the lack of local work, therefore, our values ​​and objectives are clear.
We still have a long way to go, and we cannot accomplish everything at the level we would like, but that does not make us give up, we know what we want and how far we want to go, so we continue with great enthusiasm, and very happy to be able to pass it on to you. and you want to know a little more about what we do!

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