Organic cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton MIA Sustainable Collection
Conventional cotton covers a large portion of the world's cultivated land and uses more pesticides and insecticides than any other major crop.
Its conventional cultivation has disastrous economic, health and environmental consequences for the planet and us.

Our solution

The organic cultivation of cotton provides basic rules where it seeks to care for the environment and provide fair treatment to the farmer in his production. It uses less water than conventional cotton cultivation, does not use GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds and is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides and/or toxic fertilizers.

This avoids health problems for farmers and ours, as well as the burden of environmental debt generated by the use of chemicals in today's standard industrial farming.

Our organic cotton is certified by the world's leading standard for organic fibers, GOTS. Coming mostly from Turkey or the USA, in their natural color or dyed with biodegradable water-based inks.

And chosen for our designs for its high level of quality and durability.

Products: Interior labels, fabrics and thread.

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