Climate Change Collection

Climate Change Collection

This collection was the first designed by Mia professionally, as she executed it for her final degree project (TFG). However, these photos belong to the parade held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria last September 2019, at the "Live Fashion Hair" event.
It is a literal representation of the process that climate change develops on our planet.
It is divided into three clear stages:


In this first part, the 3 looks, show the water
of the poles melting. The use of natural wool represents nature in its pure state, since it comes from sheep without any treatment.

Inequality is the continuous game obtained by it. In the colors, we play with gradients, in this case, it changes from white to blue gently, starting to have small shades of brown, reflecting the earth.

The Flood

In this second stage, the next 3 looks, shows us the abundance of water and the floods that they cause, beginning to take clay earth with them.

Furthermore, the use of wool and macramé give harmony and lightness to the design, following in the footsteps of nature. The brown, reddish and gray colors are a nod to the volcanic soil of our islands, which are also undergoing this change.


And finally, in this third part, the 4 looks, show the mud that is generated after the water leaves, and later, the desertification that destroys the healthy land on the planet.

On this occasion, the dyed (tea tone) and brown wool used represents mud. The felt embedded in the twill reflects the desertification of the land.

The intention of this project is to generate doubt and thoughts that, in some way, make a mark for those who observe it and thus generate responsible awareness about the importance of the global warming that we are suffering today.

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