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XXL merino wool

XXL merino wool

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Every garment you buy at MIA plants a tree through our collaboration with the LILO Project

100% XXL Spanish merino wool in beige or natural brown. In the case of using it to make your own blanket and/or other type of product, you have to know that:

This product is as cozy as it is elegant, with the functionality of truly keeping you warm and, without a doubt, you will be adding style to the decoration in the corner where you place it. It does not have artificial colors or additives, it is only washed and combed. In addition to being breathable, having a soft and fluffy texture, and the ability to keep you warm while maintaining body heat, it is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

CARE: Wash at home by hand, being aware that it is heavy when wet. Therefore, you must do it delicately, using COLD water and special soap FOR WOOL (if it is organic, better) and drying in the open air. (BEWARE! If we do it any other way we risk felting this material and it will shrink, losing all the soft properties that characterize it).

Like most natural wool products, over time and especially due to rubbing, the blanket will lose a little hair, generating small balls called “pilling” (the balls that demonstrate its quality), since it is also wool that It is not spun, only combed, thus preserving its natural fat. If you want to remove them, with patience you just have to pinch these little balls using your fingers to maintain their appearance (do not use scissors or blades). After a little time, the wool will stabilize and, to a certain extent, stop shedding.

RECOMMENDATION: It is not advisable to wash it more than twice a year, since this wool preserves the natural fat of the sheep's hair, generating a layer that is more difficult to stain.

A garment, a tree

MIA, agroforestry and LILO

Agroferastation of the LILO and MIA Project

Since our beginnings we have always been clear that to be a regenerative enterprise, we had to find a way to integrate the manufacturing processes of our garments into the agricultural business fabric.

So that the garments would once again nourish the land and its communities.

With the LILO project we mitigate the environmental risks of our production while managing to positively impact Canarian society and its ecosystems.

With the agroforestry systems that we implement, we not only achieve sustainable development and the reduction of CO2 emissions in business activity, but we go one step further; We can actively help in the creation of systems and processes that regenerate our lands, that enrich them and add more value to the current one.

And we are achieving this through fashion, on a large scale and with healthy entrepreneurship; something that seemed very difficult to achieve a few years ago, because of what the term fashion meant thanks to fast fashion. "


Why the LILO Project?

The LILO project (Las Islas de Las Oportunidades) is a venture that is based on carrying out agroforestry and environmental education actions around the Canary Islands and the world.

The basic idea of ​​the project is to find, improve and share sustainable solutions to the current scarcity of resources and dependence on food imports in different parts of the world.

In this way, productive natural systems are generated, capable of sustaining themselves economically while regenerating soil and water resources.

Ensuring wealth for current and future generations.

This is achieved by the LILO Project through the implementation of Natural Productive Systems such as its Integrated Poultry Systems that combine Agroforestry, Poultry Farming and Composting.

Through the combination of these three elements, the earth is worked from a three-dimensional point of view. Where the capacity of the land is no longer measured in square meters, but rather work is done and benefits are received from the depths of the subsoil to the highest canopy of the trees in the system. Thus being able to offer a greater return and ecosystem solutions than agriculture or any current conventional production model.

Today, MIA is committed to allocating the equivalent of one tree planted for each garment sold.

“It is important to note that, today, the MÍA project would not have the same impact without the joint collaboration with the LILO Project.

The added value that we offer to our final consumer and, therefore, to society, is that we manage to give continuity to our production cycle by working on regeneration.

In 2022 we planted more than 800 trees alongside the LILO Project where more than 100 could be planted thanks to the land obtained as a result of the direct relationships generated with MIA clients. And much of that tree planting started with some of the compost generated with the scraps from MIA's 2021 production.

Even so, we want to continue scaling these numbers and we are working to have a greater impact. We have set the company's annual goal of planting 4,000 trees by the end of the year.

At the end of the day, we want our community to see and understand that through cooperation and partnership between projects that strive for the common good, we can generate an exponential and unimaginable positive impact.”

María "Mia", designer and founder.

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